"Winning Head Races"

The One Guide

... Carlo has produced a unique, detailed and intriguing analysis of the myriad challenges of successful head racing. Technical but approachable, it should prove a welcome addition to the library of any systematic student of the sport. Bravo.. Ellen Kennelly, Head Of The Charles multiple winner ... It is, on the whole, a remarkable effort. Gregg Stone, former National Champion, Head Of The Charles multiple winner ... It is comprehensive, well written, and very insightful. Alex Selvig, Elite Rowing ... You'll enjoy this practical and pithy compendium of rowing knowledge. Carlo is a master 'head' racer and he shares sound advice learned from years of experience. His book is a nice addition to anyone's rowing library. Fred Schoch, Executive Director of The Head Of The Charles. ... I just completed "Winning Head Races" on my flight out to the NCAA rowing championships. It was a quick read that had me smiling from chapter to chapter. Tactics that are simply common sense to many, and these stories and lessons learnt over years of racing, resonate to applied knowledge. Having the foresight to describe, to your coxswains, crews, and scullers, race day situations - from taking a bridge to avoiding collisions - gives them an advantage for what will be experienced on race day. There is a Weeks and Eliot turn on every river, and the strategy for navigating those ins and outs needs discussion in advance. Jim Dietz – Head Of The Charles annual competitor and multiple winner, Olympian and coach of Olympic crews, award-winning coach of the UMass women’s crew . ... Winning Head Races is a wonderful contribution to a field which has had very little attention. This is a serious study and is long over due and packed with valuable, priceless information on every aspect of successful head racing. It offers much to think about for many experienced rowers and coaches, as well as much to re-consider. Thank you, Carlo. Gordon Hamilton, former head coach at MIT, head coach at Florida Rowing Center, author of “Sculling in a Nutshell”