"Winning Head Races"

The One Guide



with sample illustrations.  Diagrams concerning navigation, turning, and passing are based on the race course at The Head Of The Charles.


Chapter sequence and page numbering. as shown below, apply to the print edition.  The digital edition re-orders the chapters and provides more pages for larger type.  The two editions contain the same material.


Page 2. - Racing the Clock - a different mind-set

Page 3. - Pacing using ATP-CP  at the start and in the race.  Finishing strong on 'empty';

Page 11. - Boats & Fins - stability, shape, turning, & drag;  an easy way to save seconds

Page 21. - Oars & Rigging - adapting for a long hard row

Page 25. - Weight  -  seconds per pound

Page 27. - Learning the Course  -  learn or be lost

Page 28. - Mirror better than looking backwards

Page 30. - Turning  -  shorter is better...

                                                                                                ... but a fast eight needs space to turn

Page 38. - Risk-Reward  -  good chances & bad ones

Page 42. - Seeding & the Broken Accordionwhat to do, when chaos happens

Page 42. - Passing  -  choosing the best way past

Page 44. - Taking the Inside  -  when slow can be faster than go, for small boats

...  or not, for a fast eight

Page 47. - Being Passed  -   the right way

....   and the slow way

Page 53. - Avoiding contact  - anticipating mistakes

Page 58. - Collisions  -  getting untangled

Page 65. - Training for Long Distance  - balancing aerobic & high intensity exercise; ageing and distance


Page 75. - Race Preparationa check list


Page 77. - Summing Up  -  seconds to save


I.    Strength Training   -  does it help? or hurt?

II.  Starting with the Mirrorstep-by-step how-to for small-boat rowers

III. Stake Turn Techniquethe quickest way to turn around

IV.  More about Fins - how fins work & a gallery of fin fashions

V.   Course Notesfour memorable long distance courses

Armada Cup   Wohlensee, Bern


Po River, Turin

Head of the River  Tideway, London

Head Of The Charles   Charles River, Boston